[ Proven ways] Increase Traffics to your website

You have heard it all before…To make money online with your blog you need to get people to your website to read your fascinating content. Then they can also see what you are promoting and take action and you receive the commissions. This is not new.


It is in HOW you do this that this post and content comes into play for you…

Traffic is King…

If you are wondering why traffic is king, let’s look at an example: Think Toys R Us and their recent demise. The reason that they did not survive was that they were not providing what the buyers were looking for. They had a number of problems in many areas of their operation.  Looking from the outside, it seems pretty clear.


Rather than fix those problems, they tried to keep doing what had worked well in the past. Customers started going elsewhere, they had to close stores, they did not have a good affiliate program in place, and their online sales were poor.


They no longer were getting traffic. No traffic, no sales. No sales, close up shop. Game over.


Now let’s think about your website. Imagine you have no one stopping by, you have not done the requisite effort to attract readers or shoppers. You will not make any money, you will be frustrated why no commissions are pouring in, and likely you will give up at some point.


Why You Need To Learn To Get Traffic To Your Blog


Today, I want to go over some ways that you can attract traffic. Ones that work today, but watch out, they may not work next week or next year. This is why you need to keep abreast about the trends and the online market around you.


I cannot tell you how many websites that I have seen strewn around the internet that simply are not user-friendly. There was a time when they were state of the art, but that was long ago. They are not Google search engine friendly, they are not optimized for smartphones and other devices, their design is dated, and they just pretty much suck.


Here are some things to look at that will get you traffic. They also will make you look far more professional in the eyes of the viewer who is stopping by, and more likely to take action on the offers that you post or publish on your website.


I recommend that once you are up and running with your blog, you then turn to learn the best methods currently to attract traffic, and spend a great deal of your work time on doing the things the will get that traffic. I would say that at least 30 to 35 % of your time be spent on this.

Best Traffic Methods Today

I am going to describe some very effective methods that will get you traffic, but please do not try them all at one time. It will be much better for you and your sanity to do one or maybe two at a time. Learn everything about the methods, experiment, become a subject matter expert in them.

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Once you mastered the two, THEN try another method to augment what you have in place. There are a number of reasons for establishing a variety of streams of traffic, but one of the main reasons is you do not want to be reliant on one or the other too much.


Just as when I was mentioning the Toys R Us and the old style websites, it holds true that if you are not current and always looking for fresh ways to increase your traffic, you will miss out and become irrelevant. That is not good. Again, traffic is king. Traffic is good.

Here are a few that have worked for me:

Free Traffic

Free traffic is what everyone wants. The devil is in figuring out how to draw that free traffic. The better you are at it, the lower your costs will be per customer for making sales and commissions. Every dollar that you do NOT have to spend to get traffic is more dollars in your pocket.


So how can we generate this free traffic? Here are some of the ways I am using right now. If I can do it you can too!

Social Platforms

This one is likely familiar to you. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, Tumblr, and so many more. Pick one or two (I chose Facebook and Instagram) and learn about them. See what others in your niche are doing, and emulate some of their best practices.


I use Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Right now one of my stores is getting the MOST free traffic from Pinterest. Facebook is second, and Instagram third. I have two VAs who work with me to keep the social side of the business going. It works.

Ad Swaps

This is a cheap way to get some visibility and costs nothing. You post ads for the other person and they do the same for you. I am doing this between my shops and social accounts and getting some traffic from it. I just have loaded some tracking software so I can see where the traffic is coming from and see just how effective this is.


You need to find someone that is in the same niche and then make sure that they are getting a decent amount of traffic to their websites (of course they will check you out too). Try to make sure that the reputation is good, and of course you will want to check out where they will place your ads, and they will do the same.

Groups and Forums

There are sites like Reddit which are a mix of social and what we typically think of when we mention an online forum. The old forums are still to be found, but the new mediums have kind of overtaken the old ways. My recommendation is to join some niche groups on Facebook and start making a contribution (no spamming, please!)…


I belong to a number of such groups, mainly on Facebook, but I have other places as well. Wealthy Affiliate is such a place, as is Reddit where you can commiserate with others who are in the same niche. You can learn a ton of good information, and also add to the conversation.


This is a BROAD source of traffic so you will have to spend some time figuring out which avenues to pursue. There are the articles and blog posts that you are likely doing now, there are infographics, videos, social posts, and more. All can work in your favor to get traffic. Make it relevant and useful, give away a lot for free (the oay will come later when that traffic starts taking action and buying from you)…


Personally, I use a combination of video, article publishing (like this one!), and social posts. The production level is high (I have a lot of websites) and I cannot do it all myself. The VAs also help with this major task, and they keep things running well.


This is another great way to get free traffic. It all boils down to doing the many big and little things that will get your traffic noticed by the search engines. They have to know what it is you have so all the tricks and tips that are out there can be helpful. Be sure to study who you take advice from because you can also hurt your self and get LESS traffic if you do things that are not above-board.


I focus on the white-hat things like using keywords in the right places, adding in metadata, making sure that my posts are indexed in the search engines, and even making sure that images have the right entries so that they complement the other content.


As with paid ads (see below), I recommend taking some classes, but make sure you trust the source of the training. There is a lot of old advice that will actually hurt you as opposing to helping you. Wealthy Affiliate has some great training that is a part of their overall program (I have a review here on that site and program if you want to know more).

Paid Traffic


The three methods that I have used and ones that have worked for me are as follows:



This is a fast way to get traffic, but it pays to really determine your goals before jumping in. Otherwise, you can burn through a lot of money and have very little to show for what you have spent. This is an entire course or many courses, actually. I definitely recommend some training prior to spending on paid traffic.


There are many courses that are oriented to the exact niche you may be in (i.e. making money online with Internet Marketing) or more general ones that cover the basics. Some will cost a LOT of money, so choose wisely and try to find someone that has a good reputation. It does matter in this instance.

Solo Ads

This is another way to get traffic pretty fast, but the quality of the traffic source must be examined carefully or you will more than likely not be happy with your results. Unless you know the person you are dealing with, you risk not getting any or little results.


This is a new method that has gained popularity recently and it does work. Someone that is popular on one of the social platforms like Instagram or Twitter will place an ad that you create on their timeline or platform account for a period of time or will add an endorsement.


Depending on how popular they are and how many people are following them, this can be an expensive way to get traffic, or it could be a very good way to get traffic and conversions. You want to find out who the influencers are in your niche, then pick the best one you can afford.


So now that we have covered the basics, I will make drill-down posts about the best ones that I have used and had success with. I will go into details about the mistakes I have made too, that way you can avoid them!


The important things to take away from this post is that traffic is essential to your business. Without traffic, you will not have any success with online marketing and with blogging. The next thing to remember is that there are a number of ways to get that traffic.


Rather than trying to do them all at once, focus your efforts on just a few and become very good at these. THEN you can move to some others and the more sophisticated ways of getting traffic. All traffic is not good. Traffic that is interested in what you are offering is what you need.


Please add your comments and questions below, and I will answer them as quickly as possible. I also need that feedback to determine exactly what your needs are so I can focus on these as I add content to the website, so this is your chance to influence what gets researched and published here!


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